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Ilja Geelen


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Sensing Rooftops

[choreographer, performer] Sensing rooftops explores Moroccan & Dutch urban culture by dancing on rooftops. It’s an interdisciplinary collaboration… Read more


[choreographer, performer] RE:set is a solo dance research inspired by anthropological fieldwork. It investigates what it means to reset and rewire our individual, social and cultural… Read more


work in progress

Underneath our Feet

[choreographic + research assistent]  تحت رجلينا (underneath our feet) addresses the resilience of women in Egyptian society. It’s particularly based on true stories. It also highlights… Read more

Why aren’t you saying anything?

[choreographer] “Why aren’t you saying anything?” is a duet about the words that don’t come out. What happens to the words that we repress? What kind of monsters can they morph… Read more


about me

As dance entrepeneur I teach, organise projects and create performances. I believe everyone is capable of experiencing dance according to their own strengths and qualities. My performances are intimate, interdisciplinary, aimed at experience and connection. Within anthropology I focus on the moving body in society. I am fascinated by the body and its senses as an instrument for knowledge about human and more-than-human sociality.

writer / editor / researcher

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For the time being I have published only Dutch blog posts. If you want to read some of my English writings, please contact me.


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