Under my Roof


Form: Location performance / dance tour inside two Barcelona
appartements, containing six duets choreographed in collaboration with young adults from ten different nationalities. Their first encounter shaped the performance. The participants’ previous dance experience varied from zero to professional.

Themes: encounters, leading to sub-themes per choreography: stargazing, clothing & memories, introspection, social media, Vincent van Gogh

Organiser, choreographer, teacher: Ilja Geelen
Performers: Louisa Vancea & Ernesto Calderon, Gil Firaz & Julia Neidig, Sara Miceli & Lluís Santamarta, Parsa Nasehi & Sarah Stearns, Maria Millian Costa & Lydia Dufour, Jordan Herreros & Naomi Lucciano

Graduation project from bachelor of Dance in Education ArtEZ, Arnhem, the Netherlands, executed in Barcelona, Spain.

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